Jockey Camp is an event I created for anyone who has a desire to start a career in horse racing specifically those who want to become jockeys or exercise riders but also anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the sport of horse racing. This camp does NOT encourage anyone to become jockeys but offers a true education on what is involved.

I have learned many parents discourage their son or daughter from attending this camp as they feel it will encourage them to want to become jockeys. My intention with this camp is to bring a reality to the life of a jockey and present the students with some tools that will help keep them as safe as possible on their own journeys. The tools provided within this camp will also educate your child on other careers within the racing industry that may better suit them.

I wanted to start this thread for parents to ask any questions they may have concerning their son or daughter attending this Camp.

For pricing information and all other general questions, please visit or email